Our company Bompi Gıda has started its production activities with the permission of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in 2011. In a short time took its place a lot of sales point. Which has been producing products untouched, using the latest technology machines and the highest quality raw materials on the continuous line, in a closed area of ​​2,000 m2. Our aim is to provide quality, reliable and irresistible products to consumers in every age group.

Bompi is always open to innovations and developments in its field. We have ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System certificates, in order to stand out among the competitors in the sector by considering the consumption needs of the people and to increase the standard.  We also implement safe food and traceability systems, our main purpose is to protect consumer health.

Our production is carried out under the supervision of food engineers and food technicians, in hygienic environments and in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex. In addition, product analysis are performed regularly in official laboratories and compliance with Turkish Food Codex criteria is checked and approved.  With developing technology, always renewing ourselves to make healthy, nature and consumer friendly production. Our company gives importance to hygiene rules, at every stage of production include acceptance of the raw material used in manufacturing. Technological facilities are used in all production lines and shipments.

For this purpose, quality and standard products are continuously measured by our expert personnel. Our research and development activities increase our variety by developing new product specs. Our healthy and safe food range is increasing day by day. 
Being aware of the importance of institutionalization in today's commercial life, our company has adopted internationally accepted standards as an indispensable element with its rapidly growing staff and business volume. Our organization, which aims to fulfill all the requirements of serving the world and our country market, has taken all the necessary steps in this way and will continue to take it.
Thus, our system will be ensured to catch up with today's market conditions and our current dynamic, flexible and productive structure will continue with the support of all our employees.

• Improve our system by following the requirements of Quality and Food Safety Management Systems,
• Provide quality, healthy and safe products to our customers with the contribution of all our employees, suppliers,
• Ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction,
• Comply with national standards and legal regulations in all our activities,

• Produce products that are efficient, high quality and competitive,
• Always to be in improvement at every stage of production,

• Increase the quality of production and food safety, for the purposes we set,    using TRUE INFORMATION, TRAINED STAFF, TRUE EQUIPMENT triangle effectively,

• To keep customer confidence and satisfaction at the highest level with high quality and innovative production,
• By analyzing the changing and evolving needs and expectations of our customers at the highest level develop the most economical, most useful and quality product that always satisfies the consumer,
• To be respectful to the environment and society.

Our energy needs are obtained from natural gas which is friendly to nature and we take care to use all kinds of energy sources just as required and as much as necessary. We use materials approved by the Ministry of Health and suitable for food in all kinds of cleaning needs inside and outside the factory.

 We are committed to contribute to increasing the environmental awareness of our employees and the community by cooperating with everyone we work with in our chain, which extends from our suppliers to our customers.